General information:

We manage the seasonal rental of rooms to university students, Spanish courses students and trainees in our own flats or those of individual owners who have exceeded our minimum quality requirements in order for Room2rent to offer comfortable and satisfactory stays to our customers.
Our aim is to offer personal, familiar and close treatment with the sole objective of providing a useful service to all tenants throughout their stay in Valencia, in order to achieve this we coordinate all contract management and maintenance of the flats, we also mediate between external landlords and tenants if needed and we offer our help in case of difficulties and/or to answer any questions that the tenants may have so that they do not have to worry about anything.
All our flats have living room, one bathroom, kitchen and of course private rooms that are subject to rent. The flats are fully furnished and equipped with kitchen utensils, appliances, towels and bed linen, our flats are noted for their location, mostly in the lively student neighborhood of Benimaclet, very close to universities and schools specialized in intensive Spanish courses.
Flats offer mixed accommodation, boys and girls, and no pets are allowed. Each tenant occupies a room and is not responsible for the occupation of the rest of the rooms. The price of the rooms, which include flat maintenance, varies depending on several factors:

  • Location and quality of the flat.
  • Size of the room.
  • Situation. (Interior or exterior).
  • Bed size (currently we have single 90 cms wide beds and 105 cms wide beds, or  double 135 cms  beds)
  • Furniture.

Room2rent provides a rental contract, whose management is free, this agreement ensures the rights of the tenant during stay, offers legal support and serves as a justifying document of the deposit paid which will be refunded at the end of the rental period.
We contemplate four standard contract durations:

  • September 1 to January 31.
  • February 1 to June 30.
  • September 1 to June 30.
  • July 1 to August 31.

Owner obligations:

Guarantee the tenant the use of a bedroom with:
  • Door lock
  • A bed with mattress, mattress cover, two sets of bed linen (with enough blankets, or duvets) and at least one pillow.
  • A bedside table or equivalent, with lamp.
  • A chair and desk with a study lamp.
  • Window with curtains and blinds.
  • A ceiling lamp that illuminates the entire room.
  • A closet with hangers and reasonable space for the tenant to hang his clothes and store his  belongings.
  • A place to put books (e.g. shelves). A wastepaper basket, a cork board, a plug available for  the tenant to use it as needed (e.g. PC, radio, alarm clock, etc..)

Availability of at least one full bathroom (bathtub or shower, toilet, sink, mirror and towel rail), shared with other tenants of the flat.
Availability of a living room, with:

  • As many seats (sofas or armchairs) as people living in the flat, with a coffee table.
  • A dining table with chairs.
  • A ceiling lamp, and another table for reading.

The right to use the kitchen, that will contain:

  • Fridge.
  • Microwave.
  • Cooker
  • Washing-machine.
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, colanders, rags, kitchen knives, scissors, ladle, trash bin etc.
  • Dishware sufficient for the number of students, including per student, at least, two bowls, two soup plates, two dessert plates, two spoons, two forks, two knives, two spoons of coffee, a cup of breakfast plate, a coffee cup with plate, two glasses, a basket of bread, a small glass, plus serving utensils, a food source, a platter dish, jug of water.
  • Instruments needed for cleaning the house, broom, dustpan, bucket with mop and rags.

A small notice board in the common area..
The owner of the apartment ensures the proper functioning of all the facilities of the flat (electricity, gas, plumbing, etc..) and all the goods, including appliances (washing machine, fridge, iron, etc..). The owner will repair such goods during the duration of this contract. It is understood that this commitment does not exist when the damage is caused by students misuse or neglecting (see clause B 9 of the contract). Except for this maintenance service, the owner is not obliged to provide any other additional services, such as laundry, periodic cleaning of the rooms, meals, or any other typical of the hospitality industry.
The tenant, upon occupying the flat, will be provided a set of keys to access the flat (one of the building entrance, and one of the flat front door) for his personal use, as well as one of the door of the student’s room, which will be given back to the owner at the end of the student’s stay. On the flat there will be a mailbox key available to all the tenants.
In order to promote a university environment in the flats, the owner agrees with the tenant to rent rooms during your stay only to university or postgraduate students or to graduate trainees, or students preparing for public examinations.

Tenant obligations:

At the time of booking, the student must pay the deposit, via bank transfer, or directly, to the account designated by Room2rent.
Upon arrival in the city, the student will provide Room2rent with the following documentation:

  • Copy of passport or identity card.
  • A recent passport size photo
  • A copy of a document certifying the studies to be undertaken during the stay in the flat.

The tenant will use the room exclusively as his personal residence, so you cannot sublet to others or use it for commercial purposes.

The tenant agrees to pay the monthly rent established in the first page of the contract (where  only the flat details, price and names of the parties are specified). This amount will be paid even if the tenant leaves the house temporarily, for holidays or for other reasons, during the months of agreed stay .

Payments will be made to Room2rent within the last week of each month. Room2rent must submit a signed receipt for each payment, specifying the amount paid, the concept of payment and date.

The landlord and tenant agree to deposit the amount of the deposit in Room2rent bank account, that will mediate in case of conflict. Room2rent will return the deposit to the student, upon request, when you finish your stay in the flat, if the student complies with the obligations of this contract (in no case will the deposit serve to pay the last month’s rent).

The deposit will be kept by Room2rent should once signed the contract (see clause C5), the student does not finally occupy the room.

If the student unjustifiably delays payment, Room2rent will be entitled to claim a charge of 5 € for each day of delay.

Exceptionally,  money needed to replace disappeared items or to mend any damages to the property or its belongings will be deducted from the deposit, always when these incidents are not due to a normal and reasonable use. If the cause of the damage is not identified, all tenants will be jointly liable with their respective deposits, being able to exercise appropriate action against the person responsible for the damage.

The electricity, gas and water expenses are paid by the tenants, who pay monthly to the owner.

Visits from friends and family to the flat will be accepted with the consent of other tenants (in the case of family accommodation always requires the consent of the owner).

Smoking is not allowed in common areas of the flat: living room, kitchen, hall, toilets and corridors.

Tenants will respect the rules of the community, and will be especially careful with the noises. In no case are parties allowed in the flats.

The flat schedules will be set by mutual agreement of the tenants. It will be respected as part of the contract, especially during study hours and at night. We also consider contract rules those reasonable cohabitation rules that tenants decide by majority, such as  house chores distribution: taking down the trash, cleaning the kitchen, picking up the mail, etc..

The owner of the apartment is not responsible for theft or damage of items left in  the flat by tenants.

Tenants will be respectful with the decoration of the flat and, unless authorized by the owner, will not introduce other furniture in the flat. You are not allowed to nail or glue objects on the walls (nails, screws, stickers etc...).

No animals are allowed in the flat.

It is not allowed possession of weapons or explosives, or the consumption of any drugs (including marijuana or cannabis), and the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited as well as the display of pornographic material or any other that might be harmful to the dignity, equality and common sensibility of people (magazines, posters, etc..).

If the tenant seriously or repeatedly violates the  obligations set forth in this contract, or incurs criminal responsibility for offense or crime, either in the flat or out of it, this contract will  terminate, and therefore, the student will have to leave the flat.

Upon termination of this contract for breach of the tenant, or unjustified leaving before the end of the agreed stay period, the deposit will not be refunded nor the rest of the month paid.

No renewal right of this contract exists.

If once the contract is finalized, the student does not withdraw his deposit within two months, it is understood that he waives his right.

The tenant will let the landlord access to the common areas of the flat to supervise its maintenance and ensure compliance of the rules stated in the contract.

Common Clauses for the tenant and the owner:

  • If a conflict arises between any tenant and the owner of the flat, or between the tenants, for the interpretation and application of this agreement, if they fail to reach a peaceful agreement, the parties will be subject to Room2rent mediation.
  • If the resolution of Room2rent is not accepted by either party, Room2rent agrees to testify in court in favor of the party (the owner or student) whose rights have been infringed upon. In this case, the parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Valencia.
  • Except for the cases mentioned in the previous points, Room2rent will not be responsible for any obligations arising between the owner and the tenant (for example, repair obligations that arise from a crime or offense committed by the owner against the tenant or vice versa).
  • This contract is binding for both parties from the moment the student pays the deposit, either directly, on-line or by bank transfer. In any case, to ensure legal safeguard, the student and the owner will sign three copies of the contract: one for the student, one for the owner and one for Room2rent.
  • The monthly rental payment is exempt from VAT according to Article 20, paragraph one, No. 23 of Law 37/1992.

Are you an owner?

If you're a flat owner and wish to obtain an economic benefic with the greatest of the commodities and simplicity, do not doubt to enjoy the service we are offering. We will put our machinery to work in order to promote your flat, we will manage your rental and watch for its best condition along all the duration of the contract.

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Quality compromise

All our flats have to achieve or exceed a “ROOM2RENT” quality level. Our flats are well communicated, located close to the universities and completely furnished and equipped. Check them out!

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