General Information:

Room2rent manages student accommodation in flats owned by individual owners, managing on their behalf the seasonal rooms rental ensuring easy and convenient economic performance, greater payments security and optimal maintenance of your flat.
Through private contract with the owner the price of flat rental is agreed, which will be collected by Room2rent periodically according to room occupancy in a single payment in advance within the first week of each month, together with the house supplies expenses  (water, electricity and gas).
This price will be agreed upon taking into account several aspects such as:

  • Size of rooms.
  • Condition of the flat.
  • Furniture and appliances condition.
  • Type of decoration.
  • Distance to universities.
  • Communication by public transportation.
  • Common elements of the building.

Over the duration of the contract, which maximum period is ten months, Room 2rent will try to obtain the highest occupancy rate possible and will offer a functional, comfortable and profitable service to the owner. After the end of the stated period, the owner may choose to renew the contract or have the flat to his full disposition.

Services offered by Room2rent:

  • Visit the rented flat, preparing the inventory of contents and free consultancy.
  • Adaptation of flat to  Room2rent requirements, both purchase or replacement of flat items  and  minor adequacy works.
  • Advertising of the flat through agreements with international relations of Valencia universities.
  • Advertising the flat on our website and other web portals with professional and detailed information and photographic report.
  • Show rental flats to interested students.
  • Tenancy contracts management.
  • Rental payments management.
  • Management and maintenance of flat cleaning.
  • Mediation between the tenant and the owner.

Steps to follow to offer your flat:

  • Read carefully all the information shown on the web and the sample contract between landlord and student.
  • If you agree with the way Room2rent works, you should ask for a first visit to the flat.
  • Room2rent will visit the flat to check its conditions and advise on a possible adaptation. In this first visit it is not necessary to have the floor completely prepared with all the things mentioned in the contract. Precisely the purpose of this visit is to assess and advise the owner on the best flat layout, arrangement of the furniture and decoration of the house.
  • If the flat is approved, the owner must provide all required documentation.

Documents to be submitted by the owner:

  • Photo and ID of the owner/s and/or representative to sign the contract, in digital format.
  • Flat original deed and photocopy.
  • Certificate of habitability existing or pending and photocopy.
  • Copy and original house insurance contract in force.
  • Contract signed with Room2rent, tenants also sign (besides the contract) a contract accepting the rules of the flat and an inventory of the flat (the inventory is signed at check-in time by both the tenant and the owner).